Reception at Suir Clinic

The reception is open during the whole of our office hours, where our permanent receptionist is ready to welcome our  dear patients in Waterford city. Our receptionist greets and informs our patients, answers incoming phone calls, arranges appointments and issues invoices at the Suir Clinic.

In order that incoming phone calls are handled immediately, we reserve a landline during office hours and we also handle our emergency requests separately.

Our computer and administration system includes all patient records, appointments, the documentation of examinations completed, quotations, technical worksheets, inventory programme and billing programme.

Credit cards or Apple Pay are also accepted at reception.

 In accordance with applicable Irish law, in the case of supported treatments, we also perform our treatments on PRSI.

Please note that our practice performs private medical activities. We cannot accept medical cards!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

The Suir Clinic Waterford team

Ann and Beata at the reception desk in Suir Clinic
Ann and Beata using computer at the reception desk in Suir Clinic
Antoni Vajda Dr. dentist and Beata reading patient's form at reception desk