About Us


Please allow us to introduce and explain our logo to you. The base of our logo is a compass which symbolizes the new direction, our new life in a new home, all the while reminding us never to forget where we came from. The tooth riding on waves in the middle of the logo alludes to our dentistry, and dental  services. The heart in the middle  of the tooth refers to our GP practice and our commitment to health. The waves can partly be associated with the name of the city (Waterford) and in part to the name of our company (which was inspired by Suir River ). We hope you are just as impressed by our logo as we are. “Thomas Dr. – logo designer” 

Our slogan speaks for itself. Every day we strive hard, so that you and your family can live a healthier life.  Our goal is to help you avoid illness and to cure, treat the existing ailments. Furthermore, we wish to help you in getting that smile you deserve, and to enhance your aesthetic appearance, and  self-confidence. We provide emergency service – though beyond our means – so that no one should have to endure sudden, unexpected aches and pains for a longer period. This is how our services form a complete unit. Be it a dental problem, or acute or chronic pain, we at Suir Clinic stand at your disposal! Health is a treasure not to be taken lightly, it needs to be taken care of  every single day.

“Zsolt Plés Dr.”

All this, of course, could  hardly be possible, and would not operate as it does today, if it were not for our highly trained and dedicated employees, who we would hereby like to thank for their tireless work.


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I had a consultation with Antonia and was advised on my treatment options. So I had a bridge work done. Each stage was explained to me and I had personal attention. Treatment has resulted in a very natural appearance. Antonia is very proficient and his price competitive. The staff are well trained and caring, and surgery and procedures very hygienic.

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I would like to say thank you so much for all of you that work at Suir Clinic because since I step in the clinic everyone treat me in a super good way! The doctors and assistants always explained what they were doing and talking with me so that made a great time when I was there! Thanks again!

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Business Owner

When I got home, I kept looking in the mirror and looking at my smile and felt confident. More confident than I was before and I was just so excited. I couldn’t wait for my husband to get home to show him and the rest of my family.

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I did not feel any pain. Oh and i got a new dinosaur tooth brush called DentTrex, because he is a T-rex.

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I’m an avid brusher and flosser but I drink coffee every morning before work. I don’t think I realized how dark my teeth had gotten until I had a Beyond™ teeth whitening . I have had many of my friends ask me specifically about my teeth. I’m happy to recommend teeth whitening at Suir Clinic to everyone I meet!

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I (and indeed all your patients) am blessed to have you Zsolt as my GP and I am extremely grateful for the kind, professional attention you always give me!